Children & Youth

Third Reformed Church’s goal for our children, youth and young adults is to instill the grace and love of God in their hearts, minds, and souls. We want our youth to carry the love of God with them and to show it to every person they meet so that others may feel that love too.

Childrens ministries

The Children’s Ministry at Third involves children from birth up through 6th grade. We believe it is our mission to help our children come to KNOW Jesus Christ, GROW to be like Him and GO and serve Him.

Middle & High School Groups

At Third, we understand that the youth are the future of not only our church but the of God’s presence in the world and we use that knowledge to equip them with the tools necessary to take ownership of their faith and to bring that faith with them wherever they go. We accomplish this not only through our weekly meetings on Sunday nights but also through retreats in the fall and spring, a summer mission trip, local outreach, inter-generational relationships, and a number of other great activities throughout the year. No matter your story, we welcome you to join our youth groups.

Young Adult Group

Whether it’s moving away to college, starting a family, or starting a career path, growing into adulthood brings incredible opportunities and challenges with it. We believe navigating this time of transition is best done as part of a supportive community.