Middle & High School

Third Reformed Church’s goal for youth is to instill the grace and love of God in their hearts, minds, and souls. We know that the world is changing rapidly while bringing new and unheard of challenges into the lives of teenagers and we plan to shed God’s light on these changes and challenges. We want our youth to carry the love of God with them and to show it to every person they meet so that others may feel His love, too.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Olivia Stewart-Shoemaker, Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Sunday Night Youth Group

Every Sunday night our Middle school and High school groups meet to have time for fellowship, have fun, play games, share a meal, and talk about the Bible, our lives, and how the two come together. Each group meets separately to discuss the specific issues that each age group faces but we join together for games and a meal in order to strengthen the bond between us all.

Second Hour Sunday School

Our Second hour time is a place where we get deep into God’s word and the stories that have shaped Christianity and our faith. We’ll talk about many things including the impactful and lesser known stories filling the Bible, Bible stories we heard as kids and how much they still have to teach us, the events and people that have shaped Christianity, and much more.

Retreats & Mission Trips

Each spring and fall our groups go on their own retreats to places like Genesis, Springhill, ​ Grace Adventures, and more to grow in fellowship with one another and, most importantly, with God. Taking time away from school, sports, and other worries of the world, we use these weekends to focus on God and what His calling is for us. We also use this time to come together with each other, building friendships that will last a lifetime.

​Our mission trips, like retreats, bring us closer to God and each other, but we also get opportunities to help those in need. Whether we go to different states and countries or just stay in Michigan, we always look to do as much good for others as possible.